When it rains it poors, another call from VF..too matchy?

  1. The shoe specialist just called, and my shoes are in! Wahoo, about time!

    I know people said they would worry about the rope getting dirty, but they are soooo cute!
  2. Those are really cute, congrats!!! You'll have to post pics when you get them home!
  3. they will match your pampelonne perfectly!
    (you do have the pampelonne, right?)
  4. I do! Is it going to be too matchy matchy...what do you think?
  5. pretty...can't wait to see the pics..so happy for you
  6. beautiful i love them but i can't wear flip flops between my toes :crybaby:
  7. LOL Do they have you on speed dial?

    I adore those thongs!
  8. Seems so today...lol...I do have them on speed dial tho :graucho:
  9. Woot! those are so cute, wear them in good health.
  10. I have a canvas thong sandal by LV its white, had them over a year and no dirt!! just dont let your feet sit on top of eachother and your good to go!
  11. they are adorable!!
  12. Nice shoes and I also like another one with the heels.
  13. Good tip!
  14. I think it's a perfect match. Enjoy them, twinkle. *sigh* Wish I could have a pair. They're beautiful! Don't forget the pics. You know we LV Addicts our need fix.

  15. Nice!!! PLEEEEAAAASSSSEEE post modeling pics when you get them!