When it gets to the point that you're abusing you're wallet.

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  1. #1 Jan 17, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2009
    Well I got myself a Marco Wallet last October but it is kinda small for me since I am actually abusing it by now. I added some pictures for reference but my wallets holds on a normal day:
    7 card
    5 tickets (tarin, bus, metro, tram etc...)
    5 business cards
    20 bills
    30 coins (usually more :P)

    You can also see how filled my wapity is :P

    Now I would like a wallet that would fit my needs more. but I don't want a long wallet since I need to be able to put it in my pants. I am a guy btw so not very fond of vernis etc. :P


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  2. Have you ever considered using a separate LV coin wallet along with your regular LV wallet?
  3. Well I am someone who would either lose it or forget it :P
  4. I know what do you mean, everytime I see a guy's wallet I always think how all the euros enter there

    why you don't buy the credit card wallet?I mean for the cards
  5. What about the Magellan wallet - $435?

    Or the Snapped Billfold Coin Purse $510?

    Both are pricey, but practical and worth the investment.

    You might also consider the Florin wallet for $500:
  6. #6 Jan 17, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2009
    I have the same problem. I'm using the same wallet as you, but in Damier Azur, and it's very heavy when I store coins on it. It also have only 4 cc slot, and kind of hard to put in my pocket if I store it with lot of money.It become soooo thick. Also with the Wapity case, it seems too messy, really difficult to take out what you need. I'm thinking about the Black Zippy Wallet in Suhali. I think it can hold a lots, and it seems quite suitable for a guy, since there is no long wallet that I can think of right now.
  7. :P I actually dont like the long wallets :biggrin:
  8. Get a Florin wallet. It comes in Damier, Mono and Taiga and fits a TON.
  9. Edited - Hey, I think the Florin wallet is the good idea. It can fits a lots.
  10. I actually like the magellan a lot, but I was wondering would it work to have a PM agenda with a cles as a wallet?
  11. It would. I've seen quite a number of people in this forum do it but personally I think it would be too bulky and inconvenient.
  12. I have the agenda cover in red Epi that I use as a wallet. It fits all my bills, cards, etc except coins so I think having it and a cles would work however, the agenda cover is almost the same length as the long wallets. Why not go to the boutique and try them on?
  13. I have a lot of cards too. I just use more than one wallet at a time. i usually cary my agenda with card inserts, a card wallet, and a regular billfold wallet.
  14. The brazza is a really good wallet if you have carry round a lot. I also carry round a lot so I use the Zippy which I find perfect for my needs.
  15. Well it's more the fact that I find a long wallet a tad feminine and the agenda is really an agedna. ;P