When it comes to wearing ugg boots. Do you roll them down or do you leave them as is

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  1. [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Okay I am 24 years old and LOVE ugg boots. I own 4 pairs two classic tall ugg boots. One in chestnut and in grey color. And two tall Bailey button pairs both the same color as my two classic tall ugg boots. I live in New York City and grew up on Long Island and pretty much every girl In school had uggs. I remember when I first got my first pair at the age of 14 after practically crying to my mom and dad about being the only girl in all of middle school who didn’t own a pair. The horror I faced lol. So for my birthday in August my parents finally got me a pair of tall chestnut ugg boots and I remember the instant it got cold enough o wear them in early October I did and the one thing I remember doing is being one of the first girls in the school to roll them down to the have the fur on the inside to show. I remember once I did that litterally ten girls came over to me and asked me how I did it and I showed them how to do it and ever since then I haven’t worn a pair without rolling them down to show the fur on the inside of it. (With the exception my bailey button uggs) Now throughout all of college I noticed girls wearing uggs and almost 70 percent of the time wearing them rolled over. But since I have been out of college I haven’t seen a lot of my friends wearing their Uggs. I still rock mine all the time. I like to wear them around my apartment since there so damn comfy and when it’s cold out I wear them outside to run errands. I am curious to know how you all rock you’re ugg boots.
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  2. I've actually never owned any Uggs but they look very cute on you both ways! I would probably wear them both ways if I had them, would depend on what looked better with the particular outfit I suppose.
  3. That isn’t me in the picture i found those pictures online since I didn’t have any on my phone that instant and I wasn’t home when I wrote this. But you are actually missing it if you haven’t worn Uggs. I still resent my parents for not getting me a pair in middle school when at times I was the only one of my fiends and only like one of two girls at the school who didn’t own a pair lol. For me personally I wear them with everything. Like they are meant for more casual wear like with jeans and leggings or sweats. Obviously not for a night out on the town. I loved wearing them for my early morning college classes where I could just get up and rock them
    with a sweatshirt and sweatpants and a messy bun
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  4. I have never owned Uggs. If I had them, would leave them as is.
  5. In the boots I have the Classic Short Black (my first), the Ultimate Tall Braid in chestnut, Bailey Triplet in Grey, and Classic Cardy in Grey. I don't really roll or fold the shorts and they've become more along the lines of slippers for me, but I do love folding my Ultimate Tall to show off the inside. I also like rolling the edge just a bit to show off a tiny bit. These ended up being a bit bigger than my preference so I've noticed that folding/rolling helps me feel a little more secure. Should have gone down a whole vs. half size, but oh well. My Bailey Triplet I sometimes unbutton but I don't really fold them like I do my Ultimate Talls. I like how they look all buttoned up :smile: And my Cardys, I gotta have 'em scrunched! Or folded!

    I may dislike fall, but I am looking forward to it so I can wear all my Uggs again! I'm 28 and bought my first pair at 16. I see myself wearing all my styles for years go come.
  6. I remember classmates having Uggs and them being popular when I was in middle school/high school/college (I'm about 10 years older than you) but I actually hated boots when I was that age! I lived in the Midwest at the time, and even when it was snowing I always just wore regular shoes and even sometimes sandals! I also hated wearing socks back then. I don't live where it snows anymore, but it still gets cold enough in the winter to wear boots if I want to, and about 10 years ago I got my first boots since probably age 8, as I like the taller boots for fashion, I now have 3 pairs of boots, but still no Uggs. I might get some if I see the right pair for a good price.
  7. They are worth the money. They are so comfy and warm you have no idea what you’re missing out on. I remember back in middle school the first time trying on my best friends pair and them being so warm and comfy I didn’t want to take them off ever. I had to get on my hands and knees to beg my parents to buy me a pair for my birthday and it was my only present but it was worth it. I remember being so excited to wear them to school that even I I had a 110 degree fever I would still be going to school just to rock them. There so comfy I rem we sitting in class and having a hard time focusing on my work my feet were so warm and toasty. I never wear socks with my uggs since my feet will burn up lol
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  8. The day i bought my UGG boots was the beginning of the end for all of my other winter boots. İ basically dont take them off, the most comfortable boots i have ever had. And no i dont roll them, i wear them as they are
  9. Uggs, the winter flip flop! I usually leave mine as is, however I do have a knee high knit pair that I wear multiple ways.
  10. Nope. Never rolled them down. Why expose the soft, white, fleece/wool lining to the grime of the outside - salted driveways, large puddles etc.?

    I used to live in 2 pairs of boots - a pair of uggs and a pair of leather flat-soled knee high boots.

    And then I moved to Australia. Bye boots :sad:
  11. I live in the northeast & wear my uggs when it’s cold... I don’t roll them down in any style... Kind of defeats the purpose of keeping my feet/lower legs warm. I hate being cold...
  12. Nope...I like them high. The higher, the better. I own a number of UGGs but I only wear three pairs which are OTK. Keeps me nice and toasty during our Canadian winters. :biggrin:
  13. I tuck mine into my sweats, jeans and leggings still incredible warm. I also wear my bailey Buffon Uggs the way they are don’t notice any difference in warmth
  14. I know right. They feel like you are walking on air. I honestly feel bad for guys that they will never know the amount of comfort and warmth our feet get when we wear them lol