When it comes to LV, I find it so hard to decide...


Jun 15, 2006
I currently have a damier speedy 30 which I posted about a few days ago. I always longed for a trevi pm so I posted about selling the speedy and funding the trevi.

My problem is I cannot get over how expensive the trevi pm is. I can buy 2 speedies and still have money left over. And in this economy I am reluctant spend that much on the bag.

So here is my delima: I think I should sell the speedy because I don't use it much and get something else. But what is this something else. I have been thinking about buying back the saleya pm (got rid of it to get speedy but now I know I must not be a speedy person because I keep buying and selling them.) I did like the saleya pm, loved how it opended wide, and love that I can through it over the shoulders for a short time if needed.

Saleya pm or should I just chuck and get the trevi or maybe you have another suggest that is not so expensive.:shrugs:

Sorry for the rambling. Thank you for reading.


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Nov 7, 2006
It is an expensive bag, but will two speedies satisfy your needs or would you still be dreaming of the Trevi?
Sometimes you just have to satisfy the heart even if your mind tries to be reasonable!


Feb 16, 2008
why don't you keep the speedy and get a damier ebene neverfull? this way you get two great bags that are about the same price added together to make either the trevi or saleya. i wouldn't get rid of the speedy just yet. i think you will regret it.

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Aug 22, 2006
Go for the Trevi otherwise it will always be on your mind! I know exactly how it feels. Everytime you'll see someone with the Trevi you'll be longing for it and dreaming about her....so get the Trevi PM!