When it comes to [fill in the blank], I am cheap

  1. For me, it's clothing.
    Jewelry and handbags, no problem, but I hate spending money on clothes. If I find something that is comfortable and looks good, I buy 5 of them. I am the gal wandering around adorned in gemstones, carrying an LV, in the yoga pants and t-shirt from Target. :biggrin: How 'bout you?
  2. Clothing!!! I will spend $6.00 on a t shirt from Khols but hundreds on a bag lol
  3. Fun thread, Lucrezia!

    When it comes to food for myself I am cheap. I'll spend any amount if I'm eating with friends but when I stock food for my fridge and my pantry, I buy what's on sale. I just don't see the point of eating your riches, as one poster here said!
  4. shoes!
  5. For me:

    -Clothes (I love TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack and any sales!)
    -School/Office Supplies (only buy used books or willing to spend a whole night at Kinko's making photocopies of classmates' books; like to steal pens from work; a habit of collecting mini shampoos/lotions from hotels but then we paid for it right? :lol:)
  6. Electronic equipment and clothes.
  7. Clothes and shoes. Just as long as they look nice and serve their purpose, I'm happy:smile: .
  8. Clothes and coffee (drink it at work for free!).
  9. I can't think of anything so I ask my daughter. She says, "No. You're not cheap about anything! You're really STUCK UP as a matter of fact!" :cry: Okay. She's 12 and may not be around to see 13 this summer......... LOL!
  10. clothes I guess but I do buy the nice ones even when they are inexpensive.. hehe..
  11. Books ! I love to read but I hate spending money on brand new books. I use the local library a lot. I have a good friend who gives me her hand me downs. I still buy a lot of books but feel guilty when I do.

    I am also cheap about clothes - casual clothes like tshirts and work out clothes because I am so hard on them and am always ruining them.

    I am another one who has the tshirt from Target, Levi jeans, but the $1000 bag, the $200 Bandana wrap and the $400 sandals!
  12. wow! That's a harder sentence to put together than I thought...

    Socks? Groceries? (it usually spoils anyways, I don't cook enough!)
  13. Hmmmmm.... I am with you on the clothing..... Us slightly :suspiciou larger than petite women don't get a lot of designer options as it is.... I buy most of my clothes at Kohl's; always waiting for the coupons to arrive in the mail.

    Otherwise.... I think I pay enough for everything... Cable, internet, phone, gadgets, handbags(!), food, bird toys, auto, wine, etc. Thoroughly middle class.
  14. Hmm im pretty cheap for flip flops.. i have a ton of old navy flip flops that i get 2x 5 bucks.. I cannot spend 15 bucks for them.. I dislike wearing dirty shoes ect,so if I throw out two dollar flip flops I wont have any guilt,like if I thrown out a pair of $15 flip flops that I used for 1 month :nuts: .Another thing im cheap for are probably long white tank tops,that I layer over my shirts..I get my tanks at old navy for 7 bucks =D.
  15. hmmm.

    bathing suits. lol, I hate spending a lot on bathing suits- no idea why.