when issues collide

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  1. well, there was one thread about which would you choose, jewelry or hermes, and another thread about whether people purchase hermes with leaving it as a legacy in mind.
    i just inherited a simple strand of pearls from my late grandmother. i know nothing about jewelry or pearls, but they are all even in shade and size and look nice (my mom had them checked but didn't tell me a $ value:whistle:) but clearly their $ would put me a lot closer to my bolide than i am now.
    so here's my conclusion - i would much rather inherit jewelry than a purse because while i agree that vintage bags have a beautiful patina, i would rather break a bag in myself and know that the patina reflected my use and experiences (and thank goodness other people feel differently and value the patina produced by someone else's use so that these bags can go on to mean something to other generations, etc. just i, personally, prefer to start from scratch - pardon the pun, lol). and jewelry feels new, no matter how long it's been loved by someone else. it's new to you, if you kwim. but...i would really rather have a bolide than this string of pearls. so i would definitely choose hermes over jewelry. i'll keep the pearls, don't get me wrong. these are from my grandmother and they'll go to my dd and i sure hope she likes wearing jewelry more than i do.
    in the meantime, i was trying to figure out how to play around with them and i figured out that my original idea of wearing them with my hermes scarf won't work because the scarf is too big, but a pochette, a pochette would be just perfect. maybe this summer. so here are some pics of my inheritance/experimentation:rolleyes: and do you agree a pochette would work? - pardon the substitute non-h pocket square scarf i used, but that's how i would use an h pochette. what do you think?
    pearl1.jpg pearl2.jpg pearl3.jpg pearl4.jpg pearl5.jpg
  2. and the rest.
    pearl6.jpg pearl7.jpg pearl8.jpg pearl9.jpg
  3. That is so beautiful and chic!!!! OHHH those pearls - treasures!
    Heels, get thee to H and get a Twilly! It would also work perfectly for your idea!
  4. Beautiful! love the idea of wearing them with a pocket square. Hmm..off to experiment!
  5. what a special gift you received. Pearls are timeless.
  6. Wow!

    When I read your post, I thought you were inheriting a traditional string. But HiHeels these are so stylish!! My mother always said "nothing is ever more feminine than a string of pearls" but girl, these are trendy too!

    When I started itching for pearls, this is the size I looked at. Let me tell you, good quality of this length is much $$$$

    You should try to get outside of your comfort pattern (we all have our style patterns we stick to like a tongue on a cold lamp post) and try mixing this piece up with scarves and outfits you wouldn't normally. I like the twilly idea too! But truly, in my opinion, a bare neckline would show off this piece best. What a lovely present you have, it made her beautiful and now you, her own granddaughter, just as pretty.

    Sweet thread :love:
  7. Quite chic! The pearls are gorgeous!
  8. HH, you look absolutely adorable with those pearls! (which are lovely, by the way) I much prefer long strings, then you can wear them in lots of different ways.....I wish I could wear pearls, I love them, and I've also inherited several strings, but every time I try wearing them, I look about 95 yrld, so I take them right off!!:crybaby:I hope my daughters will enjoy them one day.....
  9. AAACCCKKK!!!!!!! serious sinning going on here in the "though shalt not covet" department -- i want those pearls so badly i'm turning GREEN!

    you can wear long pearls with a full-size scarf, no prob -- just do one of the ties that keeps the scarf fairly compact -- like this one that HG showed me: tie a knot in the center, place the knot at your throat, wrap the ends around back to front and through the knot. looks best with long necklaces if the knot is off-center.
  10. They are absolutely beautiful! I'm crazy about pearls and wear them almost everyday...yes with a scarf too. If you do a choker style scarf tie, remember the knots I showed you, they would work very nicely. Also, double the pearls and use a pochette to link the ends together and tie a bow. You can do this to make a belt as well. I have have done that with a strand of very long fake pearls. I received my first strand of 5-6mm pearls about 15 in long when I was 12. I have restrung them many times and a few years ago had a gold toggle made with little cab rubies on the ends of the bar piece. I hang charms from the toggle. It is a great piece. When I was about your age, I bought another strand of larger pearls about 32 in that I can double of wear long. Give yourself a chance with your pearls and in time you will wear and love them all the time especially since they are from your grandmother!
  11. *wolf whistle*

    ok, back to H...
    i think the way you wore the pearls in pic #2 is awesome. i don't really like the pocket square in the back idea, but i like it in the front or off to the side. i also agree with GT and think a twilly would look great for this effect!
  12. oh such wonderful responses!!! they make me happier than the pearls (sorry, i am really not a jewelry person)
    greentea:nuts: i totally forgot about the twilly. you're right.
    oh donna! i agree. i wouldn't even consider wearing it if it were other than pearls, which are really a blank slate of sorts.
    angelfishlol, well i've been told they are good quality, but that's it. if i'm wearing my bolide around my neck...i don't want to think about it.:push: out of all the pics, i think i agree that the pearls themselves look best plain. as for my taste/style, tweaking them is more me. putting them in the safety deposit box is most likely. i guess i had better live with them a bit before investing in an h piece (pochette or twilly - 2 choices now) to wear with them.:girlsigh:
  13. thank you quinn's mom. their consistency makes me believe you. i know nothing about gems and such.
    duna is this what you mean by a long string? it's just one circle of pearls. no clasp, nothing.
    dressage queen i...i feel like i'm wearing an x-mas tree garland. *don't shoot!*
    gracekelly objectively, i really do like the look, but it feels so... not right on me. i don't feel 95 or anything at all like that - i think pearls illuminate the skin nicely actually, but i'm not used to this thing swinging around on me. feels very... extra. exactly - to double them up i need a pochette or twilly in the back - or side. that's what i was trying to do with my other little scarf. how do you determine the size of the pearls? took me long enough to understand hermes purse measurements (25cm, 28cm, etc. lol. but now i know that a kelly and hac can be 28, but not a birkin:rolleyes:).
    croissant :winkiss:
  14. Oh HH!!! What a glorious inheritance and what gorgeous pictures. You are so stunning!!!!

    A pocket square is the perfect accessory to these luscious pearls!

    Let me tell you....I inherited my Mothers pearls some years ago before she actually passed. At the time, I didn't think much of them...being young and more interested in other types of jewelery. Today, I adore them. I wear them often and every time, I think of my Mother. I am very happy that you are keeping them because I know they will hold a very special place in your heart.....I know they do already but it will become even more so as the years go by.

    They are lovely and you are lovely............
  15. Your pearl necklace is sooo beautiful! I've always loved pearls and yours is one of the most gorgeous that I've ever seen!