When is your fave LV piece's Birthday?

  1. My Speedy 30 was born in Oct 2005. But I didn't get her until Jan 1. 2006

    Awwww, nearly one year old!
  2. Mh, I don't know which one is my fave... :huh: I love them all :love:
    My 1st, Hudson PM was born in May 2005.
  3. My fave peice, Mizi Vienna, was born in Nov. 05!!!:love:
  4. My mono Speedy 30 was born December 2005.
  5. Oh man! I can't even remember my own birthday. They might get jealous if I start picking faves, but my husband and I were just awwwing over my first piece (monogram big backpack) that he bought me six years ago in July. That baby has done some miles.
  6. My mono Speedy 30 was born Sept 2004 - same as my anniversary!