when is/was the price increase?

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  1. I saw somewhere here on the forum that Saks isn't increasing until the 12th. Have the prices already gone up? :sad:
  2. I was told by a Saks employee that their prices are going up Monday the 12th.
  3. The Saks here in Florida increased their Chanel prices as of November 1st.
  4. sorry, re-phrasing my question....have the prices already gone up in the boutique's?
  5. i think i read on this sub-forum that the boutiques increased their prices on 1st nov.
  6. I believe the prices for the Saks Chanel boutiques went up already on Nov 1st, I confirmed it person w/ Cherry at the Saks in Santa Barbara. But, if you're "close" to a SA ... I think they could "help". Because I asked about the flaps going up in price.. and she said if I was interested... she could get it at pre-increase for me.. but that was on Nov 1st when I asked, (dont know if that makes a difference)
  7. Yes, boutiques prices went up on Nov. 1. The last holdout are SOME of the Saks, which as Maeve stated, are raising their prices Nov 12.
  8. Yes boutique prices are up -

    Saks in NYC was insane on thursday with people buying before the price increase on Monday. I thought it was effective at at all Saks that carry Chanel bags??... I could be wrong..

    I did a charge/send from Beverly Hills Saks today and they also confirmed price will increase on the 12th.
  9. I spoke to a SA at Saks today and was told the price will be increase on monday the 12th
  10. there's several threads already.
    I'll close this one now.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.