When is too much, really too much??!

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  1. I love my boys. I have 3 of the old medium ones. My friend is selling her pink one at a really, really good price. She offered it to me (knowing my obsession ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466810817.320391.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466810844.688400.jpg )...and I need to decide on it ASAP. A little help here...do I or I should forget about it?
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  2. Your collection is beautiful! I personally think you can do without the pink addition, but the heart wants what the heart wants. If you think (a) you'd truly regret not buying it from your friend and (b) you prefer spending that money on this bag more than any other, I think you know your answer. Good luck!
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    When you look at this patent leather pink Boy, does it immediately "make your heart sing"?:heart:

    That is usually how I know.:smile:

    Honestly, I think the pink Boy offers an element of femininity that the others in your collection do not. This one is not "just like" all the others in your collection.

    I am just a terrible enabler, aren't I, lol?! :amuse: Not to mention I am probably also biased because I just purchased a jumbo baby pink lambskin classic flap and I am not even a "pink" kind of gal. The bag just immediately "spoke to me"!
  4. That is a really pretty shade of pink! Am guessing since you have 3 other boy bags, you don't mind having the same bag in different material/hardware as long as they give different looks.

    And I think the patent pink boy does offer a different look from your other 3 boys.

    Hope it helps some! :smile:
  5. Thanks for the quick replies...you are all right. The bag does speak to me and I'm really happy with how utilitarian the boy is in this size. I'm taking the plunge *yet again*....YOLO right?
  6. Congrats on a new addition to your boys club :smile:
  7. Congrats! Beautiful collection
  8. Ooooh such a beautiful shade of pink! I can see why he speaks to you! :heart: Congrats on adding another member to your wonderful boy family! :tup:
  9. double post
  10. You "GO" girl! Congratulations!! So many reasons why you are, more likely than not, to be satisfied with your decision (vs. having "buyer's remorse"?)
    1) your friend is offering you a fabulous price(!)
    2) you already know the original owner and have no authenticity concerns
    3) this pink patent offers a completely different "look": a bit more feminine, dressy perhaps?
    4) you are a Boy-bag girl (just like I am a jumbo classic flap girl, it's the only type of Chanel I own and have recently blown-up my credit with 3, however, when I completely LOVE something I'd rather have the same bag/shoes/blouse but in different colors)
    5) and there is no doubt, "this" is a beautiful Boy!
    BTW: I have not been a Boy bag kind of girl, however, your 2-tone handbag on the far right is TDF!!!✨
  11. Yolo indeed :smile:. Enjoy
  12. I love the pink! Totally different from your others. Perfect for summer. Yolo!!!
  13. This is probably the wrong place to ask coz we're all enablers and we have the same addictions:P But like what others have said, if this boy makes your heart sing, then go for it! I have several boys too and will still probably buy in the future if I find something that will make me swoon. I also have several mini flaps in different colors and still waiting impatiently for Fall Act 1 minis to finally show up. With Chanel, it will never be enough! Good luck on deciding:smile:
  14. Ohohoho!!!! so gorgeous!!!! must keep :biggrin:
  15. If you love a particular style, that's what you love.

    I loved my reissue with gold hardware so much, I bought another one with silver hardware. Some might say I should buy a different style bag, with silver hardware, but I love the reissue. I was never sorry!