When is the Zara sale?

  1. Thanks for the info! Will sale online also be on June 28?
  2. i would imagine yes but don't quote me :smile:
  3. Thanks for the info! Do you know much discount is the sale?
  4. are we talking this date for the sale in europe or the usa? usa is usually earlier right?
  5. june 28th is confirmed for NYC if that helps?? haha
  6. Any word on the UK sale dates? Must be swiftly approaching as everywhere seems to be having their sales this weekend coming or are already on.
  7. Do those dates apply to USA or UK, or both?
  8. does anyone know when it is for canada? THANKS :smile:
  9. it's the same date worldwide and always start on a Thursday.
  10. Zara Sale in the Middle East started today.
  11. I heard that the store has been sectioned off in some Toronto locations. Does that mean the sale is starting in Canada tomorrow?
  12. I too have been trying to find out when the Zara sale starts in the UK and havent got anywhere.

    The only useful information I came across was when I tried placing an online order a few days ago, I received a notice to say that Zara was not going to offer store collections for orders placed online from 20 June to 1 July ... usually for online orders you can pick them up in store

    This must mean the sale is starting this week - Zara staff say that they are only informed 48 hours before the sale starts and then its madness getting everything ready, I am guessing and hoping sale starts this weekend in the UK anyway, which would make it around the 23 June if its a Saturday
  13. might be this weekend in the UK as commented in my message below Zara has suspended store collections of online orders from 20 June to 1 July - this could mean sale is starting this week possibly - I am just checking online. Usually sales hit online first before stores open the next day
  14. I just got a bunch of full-priced stuff from Zara today without realizing there's a sale coming up soon :wtf:. I still have the tags on and the receipt... so if the sale does start on the 28th, can I bring my stuff back to the store for a price adjustment?
  15. I was reading online about this and apparently, they don't do any price adjustments. You may want to buy them again and return the full priced ones.