when is the website going to be updated?

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  1. Countdown,

    Mag suppose to be sent to us this week
    Stores suppose to be stocked also this week?
    Site updated when?
  2. You mean for Winter '06?
  3. The SA at the Coach store in Bethesda told me that the new Hamptons collection will be available to order from their in-store catalog this Monday. However, the new bags will not be on display until September 25. He also said Coach is doing this because they are celebrating some kind of anniversary. Whatevah....I'm disgusted with how Coach is handling the release of the new bags.
  4. For the stripe collection and anything else for their 65th?
  5. Most people seem to think the new stuff is in stores the first part of this week...so I'd think in the next couple of days.
  6. Looks like its starting too...the boots in the 65th anniversary adds are online now...and a few other pairs that weren't there last week.
  7. The legacy collection will be out on Monday September 25th, it will be available to order starting tomorrow in stores but not available to take home tomorrow.
  8. Er, you mean Legacy right? I'm just curious on why you are disgusted, September 25th is the official "street date" for the bags just like how CDs/movies have street dates but you can "hear the cd/see the movie" early sometimes ie. you can order the bag early if you want.

    This is Coach's 65th anniversary, it's a big collection.

  9. Oh whoops, the Legacy collection! Name slipped my mind. Yeah I noticed the boots, both on the site and at the store, very cute. Can't wait! I love the look of leather and stripes..
  10. I got the Legacy Catalog this weekend, I guess it's the official fall line. I can't decide whether I love the legacy flap bag enough to pay full price for it ($495!!). I mean, it costs almost as much as a Louis Vuitton, and I've had my eye on a Damier Speedy since it came out last summer. You ladies have to let me know what you think!
  11. Coach has not put out a Catalog with the new bags, least I have not seen it in the stores. The catalog they sent me in the mail was an old one. Also, I've heard three different SA's tell me three different stories about when the new bags will be out.
  12. The catalog was meant to be in stores the week of September 18th, the week before they were released. They did a lot of media for this and it is a big anniversary for Coach. Sometimes the Catalog is not send to you or is sent late, like a magazine subscription. They will be in stores today and available to take home.

    I'm guessing the SA's are confused because the ones in my store have also thought different things. We did recieve stock of most of the bags this past week and most thought today they would be out, but it is next monday. We generally get the bags in the store the wednesday before so that's what caused the confusion.

  13. site updated at, like, 3:30 this morning...
    insomnia is fun.
  14. [​IMG]

  15. Wooohoooo! The Coach site has been updated. I see some nice things there...have to stop by at lunchtime.