when is the release date for vacanze?

  1. anyone? :biggrin:
  2. late october I believe, Oct 25th??!?
  3. Vacanze (Last Print)

    from the pulse website.
  4. who all is getting the print? will it just be pulse? or will other places like macyes, karmaloop, Nordstrom be getting it to?
  5. i'm going to assume the regular stores that carry it now.
  6. I hope the Nordstrom and Macys get it.. I LOVE that print.. But I think I will just get it in Ciao Ciao and Denaro.. Yay I cant wait...hehe
  7. i hope macys has it too (so i can pick my print in person =P)
    i only ask because i heard from somewhere (doubt it was anywhere on tpf) that macys wouldent carry tokidoki =X

    since i cant remember were i saw it i (most likely) have it wrong, or it was just a rumer :push:
  8. 7/8 of the San Diego Macy's I've called said they carried Tokidoki. When I called Nordstrom, the lady said they were phasing them out. *shrug* Perhaps she meant the Spiaggia print, or maybe it was just that particular store.
  9. the SA's over here in Hawaii said that Vacanze will be coming out in October but could not give me a specific date...
    I know transporto will be in September, but who knows...Tutti took so long to arrive...hopefully it won't be that way with Vacanze..i'm tired of calling everday :shame:.

    still haven't decide what type of bag i wanted in vacanze..so still got time to think about it.
  10. Which Macy's in SD did you call that isn't carrying Toki's?
  11. I called the Parkway Plaza location in El Cajon.
  12. i hope metropark gets them in soon :biggrin: imo they have better selection than Macys. the macys near my house still doesnt have tutti... (i think). they only have a bunch of famaglia that nobody wants to buy xD
  13. Thanks!!:smile:
  14. does metropark every have any sales or coupons? I was just there and saw tutti!! OMG, had to touch them all!! They had 2 spiaggia's left and they were not marked down. I guess they don't do markdowns there...
  15. Well, I was in my Macy's today and headed down to the usual tokidoki display area and NOT one tokidoki was in sight! It was replaced by the latest Lesportsac bags! I panicked and search the whole handbag area and there were nowhere to be found! I asked one SA and she thinks they must be sold out or something! But I saw so many of La amore and spiagia and Familgia just last week! she is not sure whether they will have any more either! I was so upset as I was really wanting to look and get something Tokidoki today! what if they are not carrying them anymore!
    On the good note I did get Adios BV and Campeggio last week at their sale. the BV was $62 and the Camp was $72!