When is the price increase supposed to happen?

  1. Thanks!
  2. NOW!!!! LOL!

    I just ordered from my Saks, they closed at 6. I just made it.:nuts:

    Closing time tonight ladies!

    Tomorrow morning... new prices.
  3. Oops, guess I missed it! Darn it!
  4. actually, the chanel store in vegas dosent close till later....you still have time or even the hawaii stores.
  5. ^^ Yep.

    Also, someone in another thread said that at stores like NM they will honor the old price on existing stock. But, that existing stock probably won't last long.

    Good luck!
  6. Not all of the bags are being increased...is there one that you want?
  7. I was told by a NM SA today that it is only the classic that has price increases...can anyone verify that?
  8. ^^ that's what i was told too (?) :shrugs:
  9. ya its just the classic. although the cambon tote that i just bought today actually had a $100 price increase? it was being reissued. Also, supposedly some of the NM's were not increasing the price until Sunday or Monday? I would recommend calling the closest NM to confirm that! :smile: