When is the NM trunk show?

  1. I'm anxious to see what the metallic black reissue looks like before I buy it. I missed out on my boutique's trunk show but my lovely boutique SA put my name on the waitlist anyway... :p So I asked my local NM when their trunk show is and this rude lady on the phone said "August". NM shoppers, is that true?? Why do they have it so late?

    I never shop at NM because I have a Saks First acct and a Saks MC. So I don't know.. so please confirm?

  2. My NM had the trunk show at the end of May.
  3. I think they might have passed already. The Atlanta NM trunk show was May 30-31. Maybe you'll have better luck with Saks...they seem to be touring later. The Atlanta Saks trunk show is June 18-19.
  4. Hmm.. since you live in Dallas, me in Houston, I guess it's coming later toTexas...
  5. Northern CA NM had it last Thursday & Friday.
  6. Neiman in boston had one yesterday and today=)
  7. yeah, its just later here:yes:
    I looked up a few other locales and there's are coming up.
    I think the same adorable NYer guy does them all so he has to travel around a bit.
  8. Sorry, but what is a trunk show? Do you have to be invited?
  9. a trunk is really just a preview of the next season's items.
    You don't have to be invited, but often being invited is the only way to even know when/where it is.
    You can call you local stores and ask them to call you for the next one.
    If you like to buy a new bag every season, a trunk show is the only way to go as customers start wait listing there.
  10. NM in Short Hills isn't having their trunk show until September.
  11. ah very good explanation. Thanks hun!