when is the next saks special day

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  1. like triple points or buy xx get a gc for xx? missed the last one and i found 2 chanel bags i'm trying to get my mom to buy now and i need incentive. lol
  2. This is not really a Saks special, but rather an American Express thing. I just got a card in the mail. They are giving double memership rewards points for Saks purchases made with an "enrolled" amex card from now until March 19th.
  3. Actually it is also a Saks Special, Saks would do "Double points" or "Triple Points" event for Saks credit card members, and for the Gift Card event, you don't even have to have an account there to enjoy the benefits. Just purchase items on that special GC event day and you will automatically receive those GCs! ;)
  4. ^^^ Yes I know, but what I meant was that I didn't know when the next Sak double or triple point events would be. At the moment I just know about this american express thing.
  5. my SA said next GC day is March 22. :yahoo:
  6. oooh thank you all. ok, here's hoping i can convince my mom to go on the 22nd, and that i can order those bags!
  7. How do you enroll your AmEx card?? Is it just Saks or does it work at Off 5th too? It's much closer to me, the nearest Saks 5th Ave is about 2 hours away!
  8. ^^ you don't have to do anything special to qualify for the amex saks event, just as long as your amex card is already enrolled in the membership rewards program.

    Off 5th stores were not mentioned at all on the card that I got, which probably means that they are not included in this offer.
  9. anyone know when the next friends and family is?