When is the next price increase?

  1. :crybaby:Anyone knows?

    Also, What will you pick? Cabat or Chanel Reissue? :thinking:

  2. I prefer chanel since i am a chanel girl... Chanel ,ore classy and cabat more look like casual.... That depends on which bag that will make ur heart says "oooooooohhhh"

  3. Cabat all the way!
  4. i don't know anything about a price increase-

    as for the cabat or the chanel reissue- such different bags- imo.
    also, for me, it is cabat all the way-
  5. Curious as to why we're discussing Chanel bags in the Bottega Veneta forum? Hmmm.

  6. i assume op wanted to compare the bags in a forum where the cabat would be familiar. i think it is a good idea. both bags command a high price point so good to gather as much info as possible.
  7. ^ possible. Neither is at all like the other, though. And of course, us BVettes would choose the Cabat, if we had that kind of money at our command. SOME of us do. Have that kind of money. At our command. Not me ... :biggrin:
  8. Thanks for all the responses!:p

    Hugs and kisses!
  9. Cabat is an easy, casual bag. I love it. Reissue not so much. I have had 3 reissues and sold all of them.
  10. there will be another increase around summer if I remember correctly.

    the cabat and reissue are two totally different bags. your best strategy would be to determine what kind of bag you need/want: a large open tote or a shoulder purse. and if resale value is important, Chanel classics always does better than BV classics.
  11. Am about to start buying BV's. When was the last price increase and how often do they happen? Does the SA call and let you know in advance?
  12. There was an increase in the spring of 2011. Was there a price increase in 2012?

    I've never been called about a price increase, but my SA has mentioned it in advance when I've been in the store. Maybe it depends on your SA and your relationship with her (him).