When is the next presale?

  1. ...and how often do they happen? And how long do they list?
  2. i want to know too !
  3. Me too!:yes:
  4. Me three. Keep the count going!!!
  5. What do you mean by the next presale?
  6. Meaning that when SAs like you, who know that the Sale is going to take place for certain Chanel items beforehand, and are willing to ring them up in the register prior to the actual sale, so that loyal customers like us would be able to guarantee a piece of "on sale Chanel", rather than clashing in the store competing with other customers, or even better, people like me who have no department stores nearby within 4 hours range!:p

  7. I wanna know too!
  8. Well I promise all of your PF ladies that I will let you know when I have access to CHANEL sale items.
  9. AWE!^Thanks Chanelboy! YOU ROCK!
  10. We do appreciate it! THANK YOU!!!;)
  11. Aaah, thanks much! I can't wait now!
  12. Thanks!
  13. Can I get on the bandwagon for getting a note about the PreSale? I also live in the sticks and due to back issues, I can't get to the only "real" stores which are at least 2 hrs away (one way). *laughs*..You may ask, then why the heck am I buying Chanel or LV or whatever, *laughs*..*shrugs*.. the simple answer...*shrugs*..it amuses me and finding treasures gives me something interesting to do, besides, I know someday I'll be back on my feet and going my normal 150 mph, so I'll be well stocked...*chuckles*... Come On Girls, how many of you go shopping as a little lift to a bad day? *winks*

    So, please add me to the list, if you would be so kind and Thanks In Advance!! - CAT
  14. Thanks CHANELboy, I'd love to know as well!! :yahoo:
  15. Exactly ! People don't even know I am carrying a Chanel here at all!!! Until last week I went to Minnesota and a security guard in the hotel was chatting with me complimenting my Classic Jumbo:yahoo: