when is the next pce?

  1. anyone knows about it?
  2. I've been hearing that it'll be in March sometime, I don't have any exact dates though.
  3. hmm...march...st. patrick's day...excellent time for me to get a Heritage Stripe in green...

  4. Last year it was about the 3rd week of March because we were traveling to Florida for the kids spring break and DH actually left the interstate in Birmingham to let me use my PCE card at the Coach store there!
  5. omg, my DH complains if he has to get off the highway so I can go to the BATHROOM!

  6. Last year I made my PCE purchases on St. Patrick's Day so I am guessing it may be during that week again! YAY!!
  7. haha too funny!!:lol:
  8. i am trying VERY hard to wait to see if i get another pce card. i think i should...used 2 over the holidays to get signature stripe tote and then janelle flats....
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao: I almost spit my snapple all over my computer!!
  10. Its at the end of each Calander Quarter...Coach is a business and wants to close the quarter with higher sales....think about it.