When is the next PCE event?

  1. My SA told me sometime in September, but would love to know exact dates.

    BTW, I may be a Coach SA soon, was offered the job but another store pays a bit better so I am considering it....we'll see.:tup:
  2. That's all I know as well, just sometime in September.
  3. Congrats Donna on your possible SA position! How fun for you! :tup: I hope which ever job you choose, you will love it.
    According to the PCE thread, September 14 will be the start date....but they will personally call people, no invites.
  4. The Coach store in Chandler mall? Thats MY Coach store! Maybe you can become my new SA....:p
  5. wow, congrats on that, i would love to have that job...lol... i'd be drooling all the time.heh
  6. I was told yesterday by a SA that this is the last PCE event this year so if your buying any holiday gifts you need to do it this time around....
  7. Bummer!! I was hoping for another in December!!! Oh well, I'll have to get everything this time around!!
  8. The manager in my store said she heard the same thing but she also said it could be a rumor....HOPEFULLY it IS!!!! I LOVE PCE time!!!!
  9. I called my nearest Coach store today asking about PCE. I know I wasn't going to get one because I've been buying from the outlets and Macy's. I didn't have a Coach store around where I live until a few months ago. I tried to see if I could still get the discount as other ladies have but they wouldn't give it to me. They said it comes from their Corporate office. Bummer I really want a new bag. It's been three years.
  10. How can I find a PCE card on eBay. I typed in Coach PCE but ended up with nothing. Please help a gal out!
  11. Search for "coach coupon" and you'll see them. PCE won't pull them up because most people who eBay them don't call them PCE's. Be sure to put the list in "newly listed" order so you can catch a good Buy It Now.