When is the next Nordstrom sale?

  1. Are CLs, Manolos, YSL shoes, etc included?
  2. Yes, these are all included but CLs and Chanel don't go on sale until later. They usually have a different date than the other designers.
  3. What store did you pre sale for the valentino handbags? Which valentino bags did you pre sale? Thanks!
  4. What does later mean? Is it usually only a week or so or even longer? Thanks in advance.
  5. Are Kooba bags included in the half-yearly sale?
  6. Does anyone know if the marc by marc jacobs percy q crossbody will be included?
  7. Has anybody seen any Givenchy Nightingales in pre-sale? :smile:
  8. Do we know what the % off on Burberry and CL will be? Do all Nordstroms carry CL? I don't know if I've seen it at mine.
  9. I did not see any on sale today at Nordstrom. You might want to call the CS to verify this.
  10. I did the pre-sale on the Burberry bag. There were 4-5 different styles of Burberry bags on the pre-sale list and they are all 40% off!
  11. It's different every year if I'm not mistaken, two years ago it was two weeks after, last year they ran three weeks + behind. The best thing to do is work directly with a SA if you have something particular in mind.
  12. Which bag did you get?

    I'm curious as to what bags are on sale.
  13. I just checked and very few stores have Christian Louboutin. They have a live chat on their site you can ask them specifically if any stores near you carry it.
  14. When does the actual sale begin? Or is it gonna be pre sale for a few weeks? Does anyone know if valentino is included? TIA
  15. It starts may 23rd.

    I tried asking on the chat what the burberry items for the sale were and the women said they do not know in advance what items are on sale.