When is the next Nordstrom sale?

  1. Actually the ones I got for the presale didn't end up being on the list so I was a bit upset. I just paid full price for the dome bow satchel in patent leather in black.
  2. Does anyone know if they've released the Anniversary Sale beauty promos list? I thought usually it's out (on blogs) by now.
  3. Any Givenchy Handbags ?
  4. Hey Ladies,
    I have it 100% confirmed that the current Asia Exclusive collection, Fleur de Lotus, WILL BE the CHANEL offering for the 2012 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I wrote about it here.
    I am not terribly jazzed by the collection. Feels very basic. LOVE Riviere though!
  5. I pre-saled a Charriol bracelet in fine jewelry today. They said they just got the anniversary pieces this past Friday.
  6. Just in jewelry or in everything? When does the sale officially start?
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    If you're a cardholder, you can go July 11. I think for others, it's the 18th. Cosmetics did not have pre-sale info yet. I was making a return in fine jewelry and asked if they knew what Charriol pieces were coming for the sale, she said they had just gotten them and I coud pre-sale and she brought out a tray with Charriol and I think Marco Bicego pieces. She showed me a book for Bony Levy. I chose one of the Charriol pieces and filled out the form. So I guess they started, she said I'm the first pre-sale.

  8. Im really looking to buy my first Charriol bracelet. How would you know which items will go on sale?
  9. There are 3 Charriol bracelets in the sale. Call your local fine jewelry counter at Nordstrom to see if they can show you the pieces or when they're pre-saling.

  10. I actually did and said they dont know yet :sad:.

    Do you remember is this is one of those 3? http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/charriol-interlocked-cable-bracelet-set/3264338?origin=keywordsearch&fashionColor=&resultback=1465



    Thanks for the info!!!
  11. Charriol for anniversary sale? Oh my god I need to see!
  12. The anniversary sale usually has specially designed pieces just for the sale. They are not current pieces that go on sale, but totally new ones that no one has seen yet.

    The Charriol bracelets were as follows:

    1. Was in gold, black or silver...double nautical cable with hourglass shaped (?) crystal and diamond encrusted silver piece in the middle, closed with a clasp that slides together. It's very nice, and I believe was $695 sale price.

    2. Black and maybe another color, not sure...I believe it was 3 nautical cables, cuff, with diamond strip down the middle on top, I believe it was $995 sale price.

    3. Black or Silver (I asked about gold, they are not sure), single nautical cable, that has silver bars placed spaced out, middle is a silver long bar with black diamonds, and the cable is in a loop through the bar on either side. Snap clasp. It is $464 on sale. This is the one I chose for myself in silver.

    Hope that helps.
  13. Thank you so much! I guess I will wait to see those before making a purchase.
  14. Thanks!
  15. Hmm seems theres a sale going on but i couldnt see any longchamp baggies on sale. Are they excluded?