When is the next Net-a-porter 50% off Sale?

  1. Last time NAP has a 50% off all Fall items on Oct 25, 2006. Any one know if they will have a Spring Sale like that?
  2. no clue, but their sale now is aweful!
  3. I second the awfulness. :wtf:
  4. I thirdly this awfulness!
  5. I forth it :{
  6. i fifth it!!
  7. Those bags, they have posted, have been on sale for a long time. They don't seem to get the hint, nobody wants them!!!
  8. ^ I agree. Why can't they have better sales, or better yet, give us free shipping??!
  9. I agree, at least free shipping. That always helps.

  10. ITA ^^^^ :yucky:
  11. Free shipping would be great.