When Is The Next Huge/biggest Sale Event???

  1. Hi yall! Does anybody know when is the next huge or biggest sale event in Nordstrom,Neimans,Bloomies,and Saks??? When they have 60% off...??? I want to score on that kind of sale event, that's a really good deaL! I'm dying to have a chloe paddington soooo..........bad:confused1:
  2. I believe the next big sales are around christmas time.
  3. IIRC, don't Net A Porter (online) do a 50% off sale around October time...?:tup:
    Depends if you want/prefer to buy 'in person' i guess.:heart:
  4. Yap,I prefer to buy in person rather than online.On net-a-porter,do u have to pay customs tax too...???
  5. Since it's not U.S. based...
  6. I ordered from NAP last month, and I am in the US. No tax, no custom, just shipping. Considering sales tax in california is 8.25%, a 50% at NAP is almost like 60% here because it does not charge tax. It came very nicely wrapped, in a huge black box with ribbon. However, it took two weeks to get here, though.
  7. No customs, I believe they have a warehouse in NYC. When I ordered from them I only had to pay shipping($25).
  8. Yes, but there actually is a NAP sale in October? That would be great! Last year I remember there was a sort of "fall treat" discount in November, but was that the same as sale?
  9. Yes there was a fall treat sale and they had some paddy's at 50% off! I wonder If they'll do that again this year!?!?
  10. OMG,how I missed that...??! I really want a paddy on such a great deaL!