When is the next floorset coming out?? new styles?

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  1. not feelin the shape of the sophias and how they look on me, so when is the next floorset coming out with new styles!? any info anyone? :smile:
  2. I would imagine late October/early November?
  3. great, thanks!
    any way to find out whats coming out? previews?
  4. Check out Nitrolicious. They usually would do a sneak preview on new items.
  5. Dunno, but I'd better not see a single pic of another upcoming Coach bag til next year! LOL
  6. Ha ha ha ha!!!!! Same here.
  7. My SA told me friday that this floorset is basically it- there will be some new/ diff colors (like cobalt sophia) and small items (some really cute- sounding sequin evening bags) but this is the last big floorset change till Christmas.
  8. My SA told me the store manager was in Fla. last week for a big meeting and that the bags coming out during the Holidays are simply to die for.
  9. ^Oh great! I am going to try REALLY hard not to buy anything until then.
  10. I would love to see those!!!! When I get over my indecisiveness and pick a darn bag I am going to have to control myself and stop looking...er...lusting over others!
  11. While I do love seeing the previews, it kinda ruins the releases cause there are few surprises. Think I'm gonna keep myself in the dark a bit more!
  12. While she didn't take any pics, she's trying to get some from a friend of hers who did.
  13. I'm saving up for December then. That'll be my early Christmas present for 2011. Ha ha...
  14. My SA is the store manager and she just came back from the FL also. conference also. She said that a lot of that bags coming out soon and fabulous. I can't wait to see them!
  15. I wonder if they will have medium to large bags for the holiday. I keep reading that most of Coach's holiday bags are clutches. See...this is why we all keep buying more...we know that even though we just bought a bag, there are more gorgeous items to come! ;)