When Is the Next eBay Listing Fee Sale..

  1. You know, 20 cents listing fee, or Fixed Price Listing Sale..

    And does anybody know how often they have these sales.... My eBay Fees are killing me...
  2. Don't know, on eBay UK they don't tend to announce it until a week before
  3. ^^^ That's still better than eBay Canada, where they announce it the day before....usually this happens to me AFTER I've listed everything full price, ha.
  4. Hehehe, the same thing happens to me in the US. It doesn't seem like much notice, and then it is always after I have already listed!
  5. GRRR!!! these ebay fees suck big time! I don't understand why they have to charge us for ebay fees and paypal fees if they are sister companies (?). :shrugs:
  6. I assume it will be during the boycott from 18-25 Feb.
  7. In Canada, sometimes I even receive notice after the date of the special, what's up with that???
  8. yea, i'm probably guessing that is when it'll take place especially since ebay is now fully aware of the boycott because of news media...:cursing:
  9. Just got an email the .20 cent sale is tomorrow Feb. 13!!

    Of course I listed all my stuff Sunday and Monday:tdown:
  10. Does it count if your listing ends on the 18th for the ban?

    (hoping to get a 5 day auction in tommorrow maybe)

  11. Ahh, same here! It seems that whenever I list large amounts of stuff, the very next day I get an email for some listing special. I hate when that happens!
  12. omg what am i missing? what boycott?