When is the next Chanel Sale?

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  1. I have been researching the forums about sales for chanel bags, shoes, accessories, etc. I was just wondering if anyone knows when the next sale will take place.

    Doesn't have to be in the Chanel Boutique, can be at NM, or Saks, I have all those stores by me!!!

    ANYONE THAT KNOWS.. please share!! that would be GREAT!! TIA
  2. june/december
  3. beginning of june? or when in june?
  4. Don't hold me to this but for some reason I have the end of July noted on my calendar. I think it's for the boutiques. I think NM sales are sometime in June. Hopefully others can be more specific. Maybe phone calls are in order. If there is something you are eyeballing and waiting on, let them know ahead of time that you are interested in buying on sale. Perhaps even providing a cc to seal the deal.
  5. I think its beggining of June, I am not 100% sure, My SA emails me with pictures of things going on during presale and then I pick and then they put the left overs out for the general public.
  6. According to SAs at Saks and the boutique, the sales are in July/August and Oct/Nov if I remember correctly/if they are right- end of each season... you can call your SAs and ask them to call you before the sale starts to let you know what will be on sale- the sale starts at 25% off and goes as high as 40% but nothing really is left when it is 40% off.
  7. My SA at the Chanel boutique in Long Island said there was something special in June. I don't remember if it's new stock or sales. When I get home on May 5th I'll look on the card she gave me about it and post again.
  8. what will be included in the sale? Classic flaps? Rock and chain bags? J12 watches? Thanks.. I will hold off if any of them will be marked down?
  9. Anyone know if any of the pearl necklaces ever go on sale? I am still fairly new to the Chanel brand. It doesn't have to be the classic pearls either...
  10. thanks ladies for all the info!!! if there are more!! PLEASE POST THEM!!! lolx
  11. Good luck finding them in the sales! Those are really popular and from what I know Chanel only put their unpopular stock in the sales. I have heard that once the black J12 was put in the sale at 30% but I am not 100% sure:confused1:
  12. What will go on sale? What are their unpopular bags? TIA!
  13. No classic bags will ever go on sale. I don't think J12s would go on sale either because they are a 'constant' item. Seasonal things go on sale like clothing, jewelry, and fashion bags. I don't specifically what will go on sale those are just general categories. For example, I would think that the baby animals line will go on sale because it was a seasonal thing....
  14. ^ hi,
    u can try to post it at the "Authenticate this" thread on the Chanel Shopping subforum:smile:
  15. I remember being in Houston for a week during July 4th one year, and I got some dangly logo earrings on sale at the Chanel boutique.