When is the next BCBG sale???

  1. I love everything in the store right now - but normally I can geet what I want with some sort of discount there - any sales coming up?
  2. Big sale usually happens in Dec, but there is a BCBG outlet in Tulalip Premium outlets you might want to check it out.
  3. But the BCBG is the Tulalip Premium usually doesn't have much nice stuffs :hmm:
  4. Just got the postcard announcing the sale starts 11/16 (on my bday)!
  5. Hi bubbleloba, does the postcard say how big the sale will be (are we talking about 30% off?) thanks!!

    Happy birthday by the way!!
  6. Up to 50% off according to the card. I shop at the Union Square boutique in SF and they usually have a good amount of stuff on sale (30-50%). A lot of the dresses should be up for sale (except the usual black and in season styles).
  7. bubbleloba - you made my day, just two days until I can go nuts at BCBG!! :happydance:
  8. Pre Sale going on now!
  9. [​IMG]
  10. Went there today. Seemed like HALF the store was on sale for 50% off!
  11. I will have to go now... :heart:
  12. I got the same e-mail regarding their sale. I'm going to check out the outlet store next thursday. They are supposed to open at midnight for a midnight madness.
  13. no online bcbg sale?
  14. I didn't think there was a sale online b/c I already checked the online stuff and they were still the same price.
  15. for those who live in LA, the annual BCBG warehouse sale is coming up again, its going to be on 12/9 and 12/10 at the bcbg headquater in downtown LA.... the line can get a bit crazy but its pretty worth it!