When is the new Epi color available?

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  1. I saw in previous posts that myrtille is being discontinued and being replaced by a white epi color.

    How white is the white, does anyone know? Is it a winter white, or a bright summer white?

    Also, when's it coming out?

    I loved the myrtille, so I'm hoping this new color will have more pizzazz than the cannelle!
  2. I was told the new vernis was coming out in Feb and the epi later in the year maybe April
  3. i hopw its a winter white!!! that would be soo pretty!
  4. i hope winter too b/c the color is so much softer than a stark summer white, and while white does get dirty, winter white would show "less" than a summer.
  5. I hope its a winter white too.. I am so excited about seeing it but I do wish they did not have to discontinue the myrtile.. it was a really nice color
  6. I hope it's winter white with gold hw.
  7. does anybody know what's the inside supposed the be? :confused1:

    I'd love a contrasting one, like a rich dark red or plum :drool:
  8. ^that would be so pretty!!

    Do you guys think that the new White Epi color would be too similar to the Azur? I know the Azur has blue/charcoal in it as well, but I consider it to be mostly a 'white' bag...
  9. I heard the interior will be gray.

  10. It is sounding like I may have to look at this... I love the combination of Gray and White...:yes:
  11. Anyone have pics of it yet?
  12. I hope it looks like the Vanilla, except not so yellow.
  13. I hope it's not a yellow color at all!
  14. I loved the Vanilla and was planning on getting something in that color eventually. Maybe I'll just hold out and get something in this new white instead :idea:
  15. Ooh.. I can't wait to see it IRL. :yes: