When is the Legacy Leather Slim Tote Coming

  1. Does anyone know anything about the new Legacy Slim Tote #10650? I saw it in their latest catalog but Coach.com does not have any information when you enter the number. I would like to know when it is available and in what colors. sprinkles or ms whitney....do you know anything?
  2. I believe it's available in Feb. and that the colors are white and natural (or some type of camel color - sorry, I don't have my catalogue with me, so I'm relaying this based on my memory).
  3. yes it's availabe Feb but you may be able to order it now. The catalog says it will be made in white & natural.
  4. Actually, I just got off the phone with someone with more information than the catalog who told me that by mid February it will be available in natural, whisky, white, pond and possibly black. I'm am going to purchase it in black if it comes in that color. Why oh why do they torture us by making us wait :crybaby:?
  5. Pond?? Oh, I can hardly wait to see it! I'd like to get the slim tote for me and dh's anniversary coming in March but I'm leaning toward white or maybe whiskey. Natural would be OK too. Thanks for the update!
  6. Pond?!!! Yeah! I am really liking this tote and if I could get this style in pond, it would save me from having to buy yet another shoulder bag!
  7. Oooooh, I may wait for it in whiskey. I loved that bag, but I didn't want natural or need another white bag. Yay for whiskey! I'll start saving my money now.
  8. The Legacy Leather Slim Tote is a great bag. I want to wait
    and see it in the stores but I think that I would like one too.:yes:
  9. your wait and my wait is over!

    it's due out along with this april's floorset. more like march since it's on the twenty eighth ;)
  10. Hi, ms-whitney!! Thanks for the info! Is it only going to be in natural and white? So many of us would love to see it in pond!
  11. Thanks. I am just catching up after organizing somr of my stuff today. I came across the listing and did a gogle and this thread popped up so I posted the link.

    After reading the board tonight I saw someone did post a link to it in another thread.

    It is to die for!
  12. will this only be in the flagship stores or in all of the boutiques? thank you for the update.