When is the last time you saw an Elisa in a Coach boutique

  1. Hi all-

    My BF just bought an ELisa as Macy's. Since we still have a 25% off till the 29th I am just wondering if anyone has seen one in the hopes of getting it cheaper.
  2. i have not seen any - i have seen it on the Japan site, and Dillards had some for a bit, but not in the last 2 weeks.

    I have Elisa and she is truly a special bag - very nice, one of the best i have gotten....
  3. I haven't seen one in over a month
  4. Thanks ladies....
  5. I saw it at the end of November and came really close to buying it. I didn't and watched it carefully but after a few days of PCE it was gone. I haven't seen it anywhere since then.
  6. Well -- I lucked out! Had the Coach Angel on my shoulder. I ordered the large Carly in brown hoping to replace my desires for the Elisa with Carly. I really didn't love her though. So when I went to return her Friday, and I was talking with the SA and telling them, what I really wanted (Elisa)...she said, wait I think we have that in the back, is it brown, huge and has two pockets on the front? I told her run quick, go and get it PLEASE. She brought it out and it was Elisa. I told her ring it up quick!!! So I am so happy that I was able to get my hands on her, because they are not very easy to find.

  7. aw, that is cool.... why on earth would they have that beautiful bag in the back - i mean good for you - but its not a cheap bag to keep in the back.. ya know....

    so what do you think of her? isnt she big???? Congrats and Merry Christmas!
  8. oh and i saw both colors of the felicia xl slim duffle at the Macys @ Woodfield in case anyone is interested in Elisa's sister.... :teehee:
  9. It is always a great feeling to find the bag you really want! :yahoo: Can you post pics for us to see?
  10. I Love the Elisa, it's a gorgeous bag! I hope you find her. Good luck!
  11. The Macys at Woodfield also recently had the Elisa and the Nordies at Woodfield also had Elisa - and a bunch of Felicias in both colors!