When is the last date on F and F ?

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  1. And can you still print a coupon off online?

    I'm "thinking" of sneaking off to Wolfchase in Memphis. It's a good two and a half hour drive but it might be worth it to save 20 percent on the bag I want.

    So when is the last day of the sale and is the coupon still available to print out online and if so where?

  2. I believe it's Saturday the 6th.

    And someone posted a thread with the coupon in it on here but here it is again...

    Does Macys accept printed out coupons? I hope so because it's all I have...
  3. Thank you so much! I would be interested in making sure they would accept the printed out coupon too as that would be a long drive to go on if they won't accept it.
  4. It's until the 6th, and they should have some coupons in the store if they won't accept the printed one (don't know why they wouldn't though).

    And yay for Wolfchase!!! It's like 8 minutes from my house!! And if you do come, you may want to check out the new store at Carriage Crossing in Collierville as well....that's where I'm headed as soon as I get off today. If you're looking for shoes, only Oak Court and Carriage Crossing have Coach shoes.

    Sorry.....got a little excited when I saw one of my local malls mentioned......
  5. i used my f&f today...got 2 pairs of coach flip flops for $80 and i got the medium carly for 278!!! my SA Gloria at Macy's gave me 4 coupons to give out to friends also!
  6. I used mine today....from the printed. They have a barcode they scan on their registers...so I don't think it'll be a problem. If need be...give the Macys a call before you head out there. Happy Shopping!:yes:
  7. SP,

    Where exactly is Collierville? Oak Court is the old mall, right? The one with the Carousel? I know how to get to Wolfchase and I know how to get to Oak Court but don't know Collierville. Do you think they would have the best selection? Looking for a large Carly actually.

  8. I believe you're thinking about Hickory Ridge with the old carousel...if so, CC in Collierville isn't that far....right up 385 off of I-240. It's not that far from Wolfchase either come to think of it....just coming from the other direction. They just opened that store this past Thursday and I just went to do a quick check of what they had. The selection looked pretty good, but I'll check it out again today and let you know what they have.
  9. Sounds great!!!! I would especailly love to know if they have the large denim Carly! Thank you again so so much!
  10. Went to both Oak Court and Carriage Crossing and no denim Carlys at either....OC had a medium black sig Carly and a couple demis but that was it. The only "new" things were a bunch of ergos, watercolor stripe, and the sig multi-stripe stuff. Oh, and CC store had 2 punch stripe totes if anyone was still looking for for one.
  11. Thank you so much! I think I'll wait then and go to Dillard's Monday and then go to the Coach Outlet in Gulfport and the Coach Store and possibly Macys in New Orleans!