When is the JC Spring/Summer Collection out?

  1. Everyone from the other forums already know what colors, styles, etc, will be in their respective Spring/Summer collections!

    Does anyone know what's new and in JC Spring/Summer collection?

    I neeeeeeeed to know!! I hate not knowing!
  2. Hopefully robynbenz will read your question. She is on the HOT list with the Choo SAs and seems to have the scoop on the newest styles.
  3. YeeeY for Robynbenz!
  4. I just got this from an SA in London. She said the catalogues should arrive any day now.

    Looks to be a very bright colourful upcoming summer! :party:
  5. Turquoise??!! Boy, can't wait to see them in Mahalas. If they are just as gorgeous as EB and purple, I might go for them!
  6. yeeeeeeeeeey! do you know when they will be up on the JC site?
  7. I've no idea about the website, Robyn is likely better informed than I and may chime in with more info.
    However, as you're in London, why not call the Sloane St. store and ask to be kept informed of the new catalog. It sounds like it will be out in the coming weeks.
  8. I did call them and the JC website customer service. They dont seem to know anything. The only info I got is that spring/summer will out after the Sale finishes - which is the end of January. I dont know... but it doesnt sound right
  9. OOPS....

    So sorry, I have been pretty consumed with numerous things here on the home front. I did get a bunch of photos last week from Casey on all the Spring /Summer items and I have just not had time to post (I actually forgot all about the email until now):push:

    I promise I will go try to find it in my box and post here in the morning:nuts:
  10. ^^^^ Ooooo can't wait.
  11. yeeeey!! thanks robynbenz! cant wait
  12. i'm excited to see too robyn....thanks!:heart: