When is the Hermes sale on in Japan?

  1. Hi everybody,

    I'm going for a short trip to Japan very soon and given I'm going to miss out on the Sydney sale when it starts in a couple of days, I thought I could be lucky and still run into a sale when I'm in Tokyo.

    Does any friends here know when the sale is on in Japan, especially Tokyo?

    Thanks very much in advance everyone!! ;)
  2. When does the sydney sale start?

    I have no idea when the tokyo sales are on though..
  3. Tokyo sales started yesterday -- but you need an invitation to go, I believe.

    The invitation that I got said that you need to bring the invitation to go into the store.

    FYI -- the H sales do not take place at the boutique, but at a separate off site location
  4. Thanks for the info Tokyogirl! That's a pity, so there's no in-store sale in Japan?

    It's a big ask, but would you be kind enough to tell me (perhaps a PM?) where the sale location is please (if you don't mind)? I might just pop over to check to see if an invitation is really required? Thanks so much if you don't mind.

    Kasumi, the Sydney one starts on the 19th July, not sure for how long, I guess normally 1 week though.
  5. mudmud, I will do so when I get back home (I am at work ---SSHHHH)
  6. I just looked at more closely the invitation and I think it was a one day only event (yesterday). I got this invitation from the Hermes Marunouchi store, so I am not sure if (i) the other H Tokyo boutiques each have their own "sale" on different dates or (ii) it's one big sale and each boutique sends out an invitation under its address.

    FYI -- although I have gotten invitations in the past, I have never attended their sales.
  7. Thanks Tokyogirl for the info. It's a pity the sale's only 1 day. I'm already in Tokyo right now, and I've went to one of the stores. Very expensive I'd say, but the Kelly and Lindy I saw weren't too bad, still cheaper than Australia.
  8. mudmud,

    Welcome to Tokyo!

    Tokyo prices are cheaper then Australia prices!?

    If you haven't had a chance already, you should go to the flagship Ginza store.
  9. Hi Tokyogirl, sorry I didn't get a chance to reply when I was in Japan. I'm back in Sydney now. Yes I did visit the Hermes flagship in Ginza. Me and my friends were gasping for some air (took us breathless). We actually think it's more exciting than the 24 Faubourg flagship in Paris for some reason!!? Probably because it's not as busy as 24 Faubourg, which made us a bit disappointed since it doesn't has that classy feeling when crowds are rumbling around.

    Well price-wise it depends on what you're looking at. I'm pretty sure the Kelly bag is cheaper as I saw one for around 5XX,XXX yen, which is only around AUD $5-6k, whereas it's at least $7k here. Clothes are also definitely cheaper in Japan (most probably because of the strong Aussie dollar against the Yen right now) As for the jewellery, I think it's slightly more expensive than in Sydney. However, I came across the same thing in Narita Airport, and that is so much cheaper which is a bit confusing since the tax is only 5% in Japan but the price difference was way more than that (there might be a hidden luxury tax or something?).

    By the way, Tokyo is amazing. This is the 3rd time I've been there and I still find something new and exciting. Love the food too!!