when is the geranium ergo tote going to be available?

  1. i am loving this color and see it on the Japan website and it is in a pic on the coach website but you cannot order it yet.... ugh... anyone hear anything? TIA!!
  2. are you sure it's geranium? there is a rose ergo tote available now.
  3. oops really? i didnt see that color.... off to coach.com.... :smile:
  4. it is showing as a side view pic on the ergo tote, but the color is not listed as an option to buy. i called JAX and it is available to purchase via phone.
  5. really? thanks - hmmm, rose duffle or geranium ergo - touch choice.... not sure what to do...
  6. Oooh :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: GERANIUM ERGO!!?!? Really! :woohoo::woohoo: