When is the exact release date for the Miroir Lockit??

  1. And will it be available in Hong Kong?? TIA! :biggrin:
  2. I was told release date is July 1st. I am not sure if it is the same for HK.
  3. Someone on the forum already has their bag ..
  4. Not too sure of the exact date but I'm sure that HK will def. have the Miroir Lockit. You should check out your store because the Miroir Lockit could be very limited..
  5. I'm not sure for Hong Kong i heard Mid July for other places around the world , I think the release date is different for each country since UK got it on the 25th i think, I think it's best if you call your Boutique and ask them.
  6. HK has already released their batch of Mirror Lockit.. I heard is July 1st but someone already got theres .. em... The first batch of the Mirror lockits are only for Ultra VIPS...that had already paid deposit.. check with your nearest LV store. !! They might be able to locate one and I heard that there wont be able to put it on shelves since it is an ultra limited release.. !!
  7. they are in the UK. USA release July 1 :smile:
  8. Thanks for the info guys! I'm still tossed up whether getting a lockit or not.. But I love the gold one though! :biggrin:
  9. yup july 1 in hawaii
  10. Anyone have any idea for release date in Aus?? My SA has no idea when it is due to launch here:confused1:
  11. Oh NO... :wtf: Is it?? I called LV hotline this morning and they said they don't have it in stock right now.. If I wanted, I can get myself in the list and they can give me a call if ever... What do you think?? Am I too late to be on that list??? I'm really, really desperate to get miroirs.. And one more question..

    I read in one thread that 1 bag per person only?? I wanted to geth both gold and silver.. Is that possible???
  12. At this point, I would recommend getting on the wait list for the Miroir lockit at as many LV stores as possible for either color. Here in the US, most of Miroir lockits have already been spoken for and only a few lockits were being allocated. The consensus seems to be that silver is the color that is being requested the most for the Miroir lockit.
  13. bad news.. no more here in HK.. Maybe this bag is not for me.. huhu.. :sad: