When is the easy rider clutch coming out?

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  1. Hey guys - Ive been waiting for this clutch FOREVER...when and where is the easy rider clutch coming out if anyone knows? Ive been stalking websites for pre-orders too...and I don't see anything?
  2. #2 Feb 16, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2010
    i know i saw it available for pre-order in black or white... thought it was lunaboston.

    ETA: oops, i lied! it's for pre order at threesirens in either black or white with an expected date of 3/31. maybe more will start to show up around the same time on other sites.
  3. LB has it for pre-order too. Email them for the link if it's not on the pre-order page yet.
  4. ^ o rly? LB doesn't show a link yet... wonder what colors they will have!

    this probably won't happen, but i would love to see it available in red.
  5. I would like to know when the Easy Rider Duffle will be available for order in tye dye blue? Does anyone know?
  6. Just emailed LB...thanks. Will let u know what they say!
  7. Not sure if it still works but threesirens was accepting the code "preorder30" for 30% off pre-orders...
  8. sometime this spring i know Codi is possibly taking pre-orders
  9. did you learn anything? (yes, i am over-anxious about this bag coming out. hehe)
  10. LB already has the links posted. There are quite a few colors!