when is the denim cabas going to get in stores?

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  1. I am really growing tired of waiting! And why does chanel NOT know when their own bag will launch?thanks for any help!
  2. I'm not too sure...there are several posts on this bag. Try doing a search and you might find it!
  3. Good question. I am eager myself, but at the same time I am thinking this will give me time to enjoy my vinyl and teal cabas before diving into denim :smile:
  4. They say early April
  5. I've seen it in the shops in Hong Kong already, so for US I think anytime soon...Last time, the biarritz arrived in Hong Kong earlier than the US...

    It's very lightweight and comfy on the shoulder but I personally dont like denim bags...
  6. it's in HK already? that was fart for them :yahoo:
    i can't wait to see people from the PFers carrying it :yes:
  7. It's here!!It's here!!!My SA in Milan just phoned to tell me my denim cabas is ready to be shipped to me!!:nuts: :yahoo: I think it will get there in the USA very soon...:p
  8. :nuts: congrats stefyp! Saw it at the trunk show, a tap too big for my needs, but i can't wait to see it on tPFer's model pix!!!
  9. Do you know if the Chanel boutiques get them at the same time as the other retailers - Neimans, Saks, etc.? Impatiently waiting! :wacko:
  10. The Chanel stores usually get them a couple of weeks prior to the deptmt stores.(if they carry them in both stores)
  11. I'm so excited to see this bag in person too! I was hoping it was around at the trunk show here in Neiman Marcus, Las Vegas, but no such luck. I think this will be the one cabas I'm going to go for!
  12. jill^^
    why am I not surprised that you would know this? :rolleyes: