When is the Damier Trunks and Bags coming out?

  1. Does anyone know when the Damier Trunks and Bags mini accessories pochette is supposed to come out? I am planning to get a pochette sometime soon, but am not sure which one. If the Damier T&B will be out soon, I'd at least like to see it before making up my mind.
  2. Yesss id like to know too! Is it supposed to come out at the same time as the Damier Neverfull?? And has anyone heard news about this or think its possible -- a Damier Trunks & Bags Agenda??:smile: Thats my dream agenda!
  3. The Damier T&B is already out in Japan. I posted pics in a thread I started a couple of weeks ago.
  4. Are they making a flat wallet and the T&B cles in damier (like the new ones that just came out)?
  5. ooh i would love an azur trunks and bags pochette to go with the azur neverfull that i really want!
  6. Oh, I must have missed that! And now I can't seem to find your post. I must be searching for it wrong. You don't happen to remember what you called the thread, do you?
  7. I'm trying to find this thread now too, I'd love to see pics. I already own the T&B Mono Mini Pochette and adore it; now I want the Damier version to put my iPod into. Will it have the red T&B stamp? :drool:
  8. Ooh found a pic anyway.. not sure if I can link attachments, but here's a link to the post with attachments. It does have the red stamp, woohoo!!! :woohoo:




    I was in Brisbane LV a couple of weeks ago and my SA couldn't tell me when they're out, but I've asked her to give me a call when they are! :tup:
  9. Is there going to be an agenda ?? Asking again to see if anyone has any news:smile:
  10. I LOVE T&B already, but the Damier just makes me :drool:
  11. I believe there is...saw it in a member's avatar. Looks cute!
  12. Yes, there's definitely an Agenda and I think anyway it's in one of those catalogue pictures I linked just above.
  13. Yay the link attachment link wasnt working for me the other day when I posted but I saw it now! Cant wait!
  14. Looks blah to me'

    I prefer the monogram T&B.
  15. The agenda is out already, in Japan at least. I posted pics awhile back:



    Edit: Just noticed I already posted in this thread almost a month ago with a similar answer! LOL!