When is the best time to visit Paris?

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm planning a trip for me and dh to visit Paris next year (a birthday present for me) and wondering when is the best time to visit there, weather wise? I was thinking maybe in mid April when kids are on spring break or mid June after kids get out of school. I would like to know what is the weather like in April and June. TIA:flowers:
  2. Spring, of course :smile:

    I love Paris in the spingtime
  3. Any month is great july is quite the hip month to go. Just don't go in August. Places close up for holiday in August, so do it either or after that month. I think other Parisiennes maybe able to back that up.
  4. pretty much January through December.
  5. definatly not august. its dead in paris, although dead in teh sense of the little areas and shops etc. so you lose the flavor (and the traffic) teehee. i would say may is a lovely time to be here...
  6. June is great, usually nicer weather than in april which can be pretty rainy!
  7. Jan-May .. Sept-Nov IMO
  8. ^^ I agree with Chloe
  9. Thanks everyone:love:
  10. I'd say late spring/early summer, probably late spring is better to avoid tons of tourists. It's such a beautiful place so being outdoors(walking along bridges, going to gardens) as much as you can is great.
  11. Spring is gorgeous... or winter if you'd like to deal with a bit of cold!
  12. i was there with my husband last year in early april. it was a bit chilly (i took a coat) at night but was gorgeous during the day. but i'm sure you will love it no matter when you go!
  13. Thanks to everyone. I think April is probably the best month because it still a little chilly and sunny too. Perfect weather to still wear all the boots that I bought recently:love: . I like wearing sweaters and coats but never get a chance to wear them here too much because it never really gets too cold here in California, lol.