when is the best time to sell a handbag?

  1. When do people buy more handbags? I've been saving some stuff to sell at an appropriate time.. but don't know when that is! I know its obviously not the summer because I remember reading about the quiet lull since everyone's on vacation. TIA :flowers:
  2. Hmm...I would agree that the summer is slower. Holiday time is always good because people are shopping for gifts (for others and for themselves lol). Oprah always says that for every 10 gifts you buy for others, buy one for yourself. I like that idea! I am not sure about tax time. Some people get refunds. Yet, on the other hand, people might be more conservative in case they owe money.

    I would say that now is probably good. People are back from vacation ;and looking for new things for fall/winter. I would try now. If you don't get the price you want, then put it aside until you get closer to the holidays. Best of luck with your sales!
  3. my last batchs of auctions at the enf od august was really good: i put it down to the end of school holidays. :smile: the current batch looks even more promising! :smile: Remember, this is now the run-up to christmas (and thanksgiving to you folks over there ;) ) so people will keep their eyes out for smart clothes for formals and partied and new things that make good presents.

    As a general rule, i start my autions on Thursday nights, let them run for 10 days, that way you get exposure on 2 weekends and they end on a Sunday night when people are less likely to be busy (or fancy a last minute snipe at something nice :graucho: ).