When is the best time to go to California?

  1. I am from Brussels and I'm planning a 3 week long trip to California next year! I'm VERY exited :yahoo: about it but I am not sure when is the best time to go… I hesitate between April and June… Is the weather in April warm enough?
    I know there are a lot of Californians on TPF so I hope you can give me some advice!

  2. It really depends on which part of California you're going to! Southern California (L.A.) is usually warm year round, and April might be a bit more comfortable there; Northern California ( San Francisco and points north) can still be quite chilly in April, although it's gorgeous.

    Have fun!!!
  3. In San Francisco, I think our best weather is mid-May. That and October.

  4. Exactly!!!! Los Angeles weather never really gets really cold or really hot. Today it is supposed to be low 80's.

    If you are coming to Los Angeles. You can always PM me and I can help you out finding a place to stay and things to do.
  5. Thanks for all of your answers!

    Beljwl: you are very kind! I was checking the areas to stay in LA and Santa Monica seemed very nice... Do you agree with that?

  6. Totally agree with lori - I think the best weather in San Francisco is in October. How much of the state are you planning on seeing?
  7. Someone should've warned me about the weather here :smile: I knew i'd be warm, but i didn't expect 80s in Nov. I'm in Irvine, and wore a sweater yesterday, thinking it'd be chilly . . . nope. Glad I layered a tank under it.

    Ipek, if you come to visit, you should definately come to Orange County as well. You can shop South Coast Plaza and then head a bit south to Laguna Beach.
  8. Try to avoid peak summer months in Southern California, as it gets near 100. April through May is definitely good weather. Sometimes we do get freakishly hot weather. This year I remember sunbathing around the pool on March 31st, and this week it has been mid eighties not too far from the coast. The beaches are a little bit cooler, but again- avoid peak summer months.
  9. I say September-October (all the tourists have gone home).

    I'd say May over June, for the fact that so many places get crowded in June/July & August

    Have fun!
  10. Wow, that's really sweet of you! I'll be going to LA too. Can I PM you as well? :p :shame:
  11. LA is pretty good all year round but I guess my favorite season is Fall - not too cold and not too hot. There might be slight rain in the spring & winter and summer can be hot depending on where in so cal you are at.
  12. Well... I've just booked my flight for beginning of June!!! I'm sooo exited!!!:wlae:
    Here's our plan: We'll be landing in LA, where we plan to stay for a few days. We will then rent a car and ride all the way to Las Vegas (on our way there, we'll visit Palm Springs, the Grand Canyon, etc.). Then, we'll be off to San Fransisco where our journey will end.
    This should last approx 18 days... everything's not planned yet but I have so many ideas of what I want to see! Basicaly, all the things I've been seeing on TV since I was a kid!! :girlsigh:

    But I don't have a clue on where's the best place to shop!! And where can I go to have some cocktails? Or have a fabulous meal? Please enlighten me!!
  13. ^ If you need any advice on hotels, shopping - anything san francisco, please PM me! I'd be more than happy to help!
  14. Of Course!!!1
  15. that sounds amazing! it'll be nice and warm up here around then but i'm sure it'll be pretty hectic with everyone getting out of school and all..