when is the best time to buy?

  1. I am new to chanel and I have recently learned that once a bag is introduced and if it's popular Chanel starts to increase the price on the bag.

    How do I get around that? when is a good time to buy? Does anyone think the prices will come down after the xmas season? I am in the market for a chanel bag but I also want to buy when the price is lower. Any advice?
  2. Prices will never go down. Unless you want to wait a long time for something that may possibly go on sale, sooner is rather than later. If you wait, you risk price increases. The classics and permenant lines don't go on sale unless it's a fashion color and sale items are limited.
  3. There are lots of threads on this subforum about Chanel Sales.

    If you want a new Cruise bag or classic, 99% you won't get it on sale (the Petite Shopping Tote is a classic and it's on sale, but that's the only exception I've seen).

    There are tons of beautiful styles and bags (8 knots, cloudy bundle, outdoor ligne, vintage lignes) on sale at Saks, Neimans, Bergdorfs and Nordstrom anywhere from 30 to 40% off. Stock may have been depleted but my sense is that there will be further markdowns after christmas
  4. actually, Chanel doesn't increase prices when they see a bag is popular :nogood:
    Chanel raised prices a few times over the past year in a big way, but prior to the past year there were ZERO price increases for at least several years.
    Their prices are not going to be coming down, if you see something you like, buy it, Chanel does not have set price increases nor is there a predictable # of bags offered in a certain color each season.
    A couple of times a year you may be lucky to find soemthing you like "on sale" but it's usually bags that did not appeal to everyone, it's pretty much never the Classics they offer.
  5. You can also buy at Saks when they have ECG events where you get a gift card for purchases over a certain amount. That way you get a little something extra for your purchase. I believe Bloomingdales also has similar events. Not every Saks & Bloomies carries Chanel, but you can check the find the ones that do.