When is the best time to buy a Bal bag?

  1. Dear Fellow TPFers

    Long story short: I was vegan for many years until I discovered the beauty of bags and shoes (only last year). The few bags I got, I got them from eBay. But there are some that I can't find on eBay so here is the question: when is the best time of the year to get a bargain? Or is it just plain luck? Thanks for your help!!
  2. I think right now it's really a good time that you can find some good bargain on eBay. I've seen some great Balenciaga bags were sold very low right now. But make sure to authentic the bag before you bid.
  3. NM sometimes has Bbags on sale during their first call sale. And Barney's just had a bunch on sale. You might be able to call around and see if any are left. Good luck in your search!
  4. Right before new colours come out is usually a good time to score a deal, because so many people sell some of their older bags to make room for one of the new ones, and plenty of the people who would be buying them are saving their money for a new colour as well.
  5. Thanks so so so much!!!!!!! I will let you know if I get lucky. :yahoo: