When is Saks sale??

  1. please, if anyone knows if there is still a large gucci craft tote with the lilac trim available in any Saks, can you please let me know? and if that too is 25% on top of the sale price? TIA!!!!
  2. when I checked earlier today, it was available on sale at gucci.com and with free shipping
  3. Thanks! I saw that too but if i could get it at Saks i would get an additional 25% plus 30 days to return vs i think 7 on the gucci site.
  4. Is the addition markdown already included in the price online? On nm.com I see additional 25% in red and it is applied in the cart. I just bought the Chloe Louise at saks.com but wondering if I got the lowest price to date. Thanks
  5. Sak's prices online are it - they took the further deductions so the price you see listed is the sale price. You may want to check the price on Gucci.com to compare.

    From what I have seen, NM price's have been the highest and even with their additional 25% off they are still more than Saks and most of the boutiques.
  6. Hi, could you please send me the SA info, thanks in advance!
  7. This is what's left from my previous post Prada Sale items ....
    PM for SA -
  8. Does anyone know if the Celine floral cabas tote is on sale at any saks?

    Thank u!
  9. What's left of the sale Gucci - from my previous post.
    PM for SA
    guccitues.jpg guccitues2.jpg guccitues3.jpg
  10. Gucci Diaper Bag .... PM for SA $990 - now $517
  11. Good find
  12. A few more .... PM for SA
    Gucci Clutches -
    Gold $995 - now $522.37
    Pink with stones $1800 - now $945
    Black $1145 - now $601.12
    Long Strap with stones - $2670 - now $1401.75 Wow-beautiful!
    gucciclutch1.jpg gucciclutch2.jpg
  13. Gucci Santa Monica Woven Tote
    PM for SA
    $2890 - now $1517
    All 3 colors available - Nat, Blue and Red
  14. J Choo - PM for SA