When is Pre-Loved not worth it?

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  1. So - I have a couple of discontinued bags I really want to get my hands on.
    Because they are about 4-5 years 'retired' now, I am having a hard time finding one in really good shape.

    Are any of you ever willing to purchase a bag with cracking or obvious wear?
    It seems like the sellers are still expecting a lot for a bag with cracked & peeling handles that may not be replaceable.

    Just wondering where you all draw the line.
  2. I draw the line at cracked canvas as that will only get worse. Sometimes if the glazing needs work I will still buy but with the view that I'll need to spend more on the repair. Obvious wear like darkened patina doesn't bother me as I like the vintage look.
  3. I agree about the canvas cracking. If it's something small like a zipper pull, darkened vachetta, minor scuffs, etc. I can get past that within reason. The wear should also fit the timeline in terms of the date code. A 20 year old bag, in theory, will look worn but even so I've seen some very nice vintage pieces. I can't purchase from people who didn't care for their bags the way I do my own though.
  4. It depends on the price I guess. I have bought some pre loved for an awesome price even taking into account the amount that I pay for its repair.:grouch:

    If it's not repairable/replaceable, I would just pass on it.
  5. I agree on not buying cracked canvas because like others have said it only gets worse and LV won't touch it. Tears and rips on the item is also a no.
  6. I would only consider buying preloved if the item is in "like new" or "excellent" condition.

    I have seen some really awful reveals on TPF with people doing reveals of pre-loved items that are just worn and tired. I don't think that's worth it at all.
  7. I would not do cracked canvas, stained interior, odors, heavily stained vachetta (or so dark and dirty that it looks black).
  8. I just bought my first pre-loved (still getting it authenticated), and when I was looking, I avoided...

    Rip in canvas
    Split piping on bottom
    Gross interior

    Curious...what bags are you considering?
  9. Where I draw the line:

    - Cracked canvas
    - gross interiors (that includes sticky vuittonite interiors, although I did make an exception to a small pouch I purchased last winter. I would never get a full bag though, yuck)
    - really heavy patina (I only like heavy patina that I've done myself; otherwise, it kinda grosses me out if I see it on a bag that is for sale)...I am fine with light patina just not chocolate dark!
    - anything that is still in production AND selling price is close to retail. Might as well buy brand new.
    - forgot another, anything with exposed piping. It is just bound to get worse and fixing it is super expensive.
    - I know you said bags, but I would never buy a wallet or cles secondhand. Those I feel like are investment pieces and should last you a long time, even if you just use one.
  10. Oh, forgot to add a couple more:

    - anything that is very discolored, like yellowed/stained Damier Azur and light Vernis.
    - anything that has a smell attached to it. If the listing says the bag smells musty, perfume-y or smokey, I'm not buying it.
  11. I love the empriente leather - and I am trying to get my hands on a good condition Lumineuse PM in infini. Most of them have cracked glazing though.

    I love the Rose Ballerine Empriente - but it is light, so the couple items I found have a few scuffs & pen marks on the leather, and soiled handles. And for the price I cannot bring myself to accept that.

    The interiors all seem fine.

    On the other hand, if it already has 'dirt' on the handles or a pen mark, I don't have to be paranoid about the first time I muss it. LOL

    Anything still in production that I could get at a boutique I woud not buy pre-loved. I am planning on going to the Oakbrook, IL LV in May. I have a couple of things on my list to see & try to prioritize the spending plan. :biggrin:
  12. I did purchase a Sarah wallet in the Multicolor Noir. It was from a gal who listed it as NWT, but when it came I could tell it had been used because the card slots under the flap were loose. The new ones come really tight. But I am ok with it. I love the Multicolor for the wallets.

    I have a couple of those bags on my wish list as well. LOL
  13. I would not buy if the canvas is ripped or if the inside is heavily stained. Also if piping is sticking out. It'll cost too much to repair. There is a difference between vachetta having a nice vintage patina and it being downright dirty. That is where I would draw the line. I do have a small crack on the top leather trim of my mono neverfull. It's not that noticeable so that's ok with me.
  14. There are so many things to take into consideration depending on what you are interested in buying. Back in ebay's hay day then you could pick up abused bags very cheaply; now people seem to think they're still really valuable.

    If the bags you're interested in are long since discontinued then definitely worth finding out whether repairs could be undertaken. If so it might be worth getting a fixer-upper if you can find one in a price range to suit.

    I, personally, wouldn't intentionally buy anything with obvious cracking, a gross interior or black patina.

    That said I have waited years for pieces I wanted to come on the market in the right condition so, sometimes, you just need patience.

    What are you looking for and where are you hunting it? People may have suggestions for alternative venues......?
  15. Right now I am looking for the Lumineuse PM in Infini Empreinte.

    There is one on Fashionphile that seems to be in just the condition I am looking for. It has a 'discount alert' on it that I am waiting for. If it is still there when the discount hits - I will scoop it up. Otherwise I am just going to be patient & keep an eye out.

    I am also wanting a white multicolore key holder - but am holding out for a better price than I have been seeing.

    I am keeping an eye on Yoogi's Closet, Fashionphile, The Real Real, Tradesy, Poshmark, and Ann's Fabulous Finds. :biggrin:

    I am just not 100% confident on ebay authenticity - so I while I look, I am not sure I want to purchase there.