When is next Ferragamo sale event?

  1. I have been buying my Ferragamo pieces full price and always miss the sales. For some reason I don't get their emails, only catalog in the mail. SA at the boutique told me that the next sale is before the release of new collection but he couldn't give me any more details. If it matters, I'm in Canada. TIA
  2. Tends to be late November, early December typically.
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  3. Thank you! Do they usually reflect the sale prices online or it is in store only?
  4. I don't know about Canada, though I don't know why it would be different, but in US the sale is online as well as in the store. Typically it's 30% off at most; there is no second markdown. Sometimes you can find a deeper discount at a department store (a couple times I've found handbags for 40% off). You might want to keep an eye out starting around the week before Thanksgiving.
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  5. Thank you, klynneann! I am really looking forward to sales!!! Yay!
  6. You're welcome! I'm looking forward to them too - I have a couple things on my wish list...!
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  7. In the U.S., Bloomingdale's is currently having a private sale which happens to include Ferragamo. It's a dollar off event. Don't know if it applies to Canadian orders.
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  8. My Saks SA sent me this bag on sale for $805. PM me for SA info IMG_6532.JPG IMG_6531.JPG
  9. Any word on when the sale starts at Ferragamo?
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  11. I received my postcard in the mail - sale starts this Saturday in boutiques!
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  12. Awesome! Thanks! I am going there on Saturday to pick up some stuff from repairs anyway.
  13. Perfect timing! :smile:
  14. My SA in the SF store mentioned the seasonal sale will start in their store in December, so am waiting for a text from her! Have also seen some of the 40% off sales in department stores start already as others have mentioned.
  15. Thanks Awesome, Can't wait to get a new pair of flat!!
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