When is next 20cent listing day???

  1. How often does eBay do the 20 cent listing day? I need to sell some stuff, but I don't want to pay high fees for listing.
  2. they usually announce it the day before, prob next month. usually its tied in with a holiday or something, but ebayers get an email about it a day or two before
  3. Thanks, court, I guess I need to be patient for the next month... It's worth it though. I listed a few things last time around, and it saved me a few $$$.
  4. Those fees sure add up quickly...and if things don't sell sometimes I almost wonder if it is worth the effort. Years ago you could almost count on most of your stuff selling. I'll post the 20 cent fee the next time it come around.
  5. After Last Night's Debacle (sp) they should have an all week 20 cent listing week. eBay really socked it to the buyers and sellers last night. I LOST MY SHIRT!!!

    Can you tell I am ticked?
  6. What happened last night?
  7. "My Ebay" wasn't working right. The "Watched Items" lists weren't available to ALOT of bidders. Some people couldn't even bid when they tried. I was watching auctions to bid on stuff and they disappeared.

    So I went into my seller list and watched items was working.

    I lost my shirt Sunday Night because of ebay's glitches. I had 3 auctions end in the time the lists and bidding weren't working.
  8. I thought it was just me having problems!!
  9. Just another reason to leave ebay. Is there another realible auction site that has the traffic of ebay?
  10. Me too! I lost out on a few auctions because of it. :cursing: