When is Marc Jacobs 70% off sale?

  1. Usually this time of year the M by MJ boutique in Boston has a 70% off fall shoe sale. Do any of you know when it will happen? Thanks so much for your help! I'm on a shopping mission with my best friend's husband to score her a pair of oxford heels she's been eyeing for months.
  2. the 70% off sale has already started :p
  3. Is that in Boston only? Do they take phone orders??
    Can somebody tell me its phone number? I really want the laceup Oxford pump!!

  4. The sale covers shoes only, right? No bags?
  5. during the summer sales, it was 70% off shoes and at the same time 30% off clothes at mxmj boutiques.
  6. The LA, CA store had shoes at 70% last weekend -- I'm sure the other stores are the same. There were tons & I'm sure they didn't sell them all yet.
  7. I was in the Melrose store (LA) Thursday and the sale was on
  8. The new york sale started a few weeks ago. No bags, but shoes and clothes were included.
  9. Thank you guys so much!! I just called NY to order two pairs of Oxford 70% off, no tax and 20 shipping. But they told me no clothes on sale yet. Thanks!!
  10. hi... is the 70% off on clothes too or just shoes? i'm from boston so i will def hit Marc up if it seems stellar
  11. LA has clothes on sale.
  12. ^^ were the clothes on sale for 30%?
    (grumbling because I can't go shopping until finals are over..)
  13. clothes are up to 70%
  14. Really? I'm calling them in the morning!
  15. does the sale include marc by marc jacobs?