When is LV RTW f/w 07/08 show?

  1. when is the louis vuitton fall/winter ready to wear collection of 07/08 show?
  2. the 26th juanary (6 PM) : LV Men fall winter 08 show
  3. womens ready to wear sometime between 25th Feb & 5th March
  4. i await with baited breath.....
  5. I always knew that seasons are shown MONTHS ahead, but not THIS MANY months, I figured it'd be shown in june/july. Hmmm haha I am still fairly new to this so I guess I was wrong. When will the stuff come out? if the mens is january and womens is february, this stuff won't be out until like october or so of this year, right?
  6. I can't wait either.
  7. already?
    oh well, i guess last year i DID see the mink messenger bag really early....
    but not this early! THIS winter season hasnt even ended.
  8. ps. marclv123...
    is your photo taken in greece?
    just curious, because it looke like greece!
  9. oooh! feb! I love fall collections!!! last year's was AWESOME! lol
  10. ^Me, too! I love F/W fashion more than S/S. I can't wait for the runway pics. No worries though, once they're out the boards will be flooded with them.