When is it too soon to start using anti-aging products?


Aug 23, 2010
So ladies,

when do you think it's too soon to start using them or when do you think is the best time to start? Would you consider starting with some areas (eyes, around the lips) first and then moving on and adding on products?

In my opinion, starting too soon as "prevention" could possibly result in your skin getting used to the product and then, when needed, not doing the job anymore. But I'm no expert and I'd love to hear your opinion! :smile:


Sep 26, 2006
New York City
I think you can start "anti-aging" products when you're as young as your mid-twenties, but that's not to be confused with anti-wrinkle products which should be used when you're approaching closer to your 40's - the two are different.

Anti-aging are products geared towards prevention and formulated for those who still have fairly wrinkle free skin but are just starting to see the effects of aging (smile lines, crow's feet, etc). Anti-wrinkle are products geared towards mitigating fine lines which are already fully formed and pretty visible to the naked eye.

You can usually tell something is anti-aging when it says things like protection against environmental pollutants, provides antioxidants, provides lasting hydration, etc. I think Estee Lauder does a good example of separating their anti-aging line from their anti-wrinkle line (Daywear is their anti-aging line and Advanced Time Zone is their anti-wrinkle line).

I hope this helps!


Aug 20, 2014
I agree with OP that antiaging may not work effectively if it started too early. I mean, what does a lady use then when she reaches thirty or forty? There is no more room to upgrade.
Apr 15, 2007
I think it is good to use an eye cream because it is preventive for lines , crow's feet.

Suncreen is probably the best product one can use especially at an early age.

Make adjustments in skin care products as your skin requires it..

Technology is so far advanced, that who knows what will be on its way by the
time some of us reach our 40's & beyond


Jan 4, 2006
There really isn't much point in thinking "anti-aging" before your mid-twenties because your skin is still--or should be--operating at peak performance.


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Aug 25, 2008
I agree with OP that antiaging may not work effectively if it started too early. I mean, what does a lady use then when she reaches thirty or forty? There is no more room to upgrade.

Plus, it gets $$$. I started using pricey brands young, but then had to backtrack because they weren't doing much. Now that I'm in my early 30's, I've slowly been going back to the biggies (La Prairie, Guerlain, La Mer, etc.) but I'll save the really strong anti-wrinkly creams for my 40's+


Sep 17, 2014
Definitely good to start early esp eye creams as it slows down the development of fine lines. But get ones that are lighter eg. Gel rather than cream because the latter tend to be too oily for young skin and can sometimes cause milia under the eyes which is a horror to remove. Just make sure you don't overdo it and always monitor how your skin is reacting to it. Personally I can't use some anti ageing stuff because I have combination skin and some are designed for very mature skin so it's too oily/ too rich for me so it breaks me out even though it's non comodogenic.


Jul 15, 2014
Chicago, IL
I never really use anti aging products til I was in late 20s. But I always make sure my day moisturizer contains at least spf 15. Recently I started using Chanel Le Lift and I am loving it. Using the Riche on a cold day when my face is extra dry and the Creme on a normal day.


Nov 9, 2009
I started using anti aging products around my mid 20s, although not regularly, more experimentation. I would think perhaps your teens and early 20s would be too soon to use such products. Sunscreen would be the best anti aging product to use religiously before your mid 20s to prevent what may start creeping in once we hit our mid-late 20s if we don't take care of our skin.


Sep 5, 2013
I started using in my mid 20's, but for me anti aging was never the problem its the acne. In my 30's I still had acne so that was my focus but now as I slow creep into ____ I am getting better with skin care regime still using sunscreen but I would say never too early to use anti aging products and sunscreen is the most important


Mar 11, 2014
I think the time is right around mid 20s.
My mother still regrets for starting to care for her skin alot later. Then, due to stress and work you tend to miss your regular products.

My friend has been recommending me to use the Sara Shantelle's Renewal Whitening Day and Night serum for a while now. She says it works like a bb cream. Excited to try it!


Nov 16, 2011
This is all very interesting. I turned 30 this year and wondered if I needed to start using this stuff. I only see very fine lines around the corner of my eyes so I may start with anti aging skin care. Any recommendations?


Mar 20, 2009
I've been using eye and night cream since I was 19. Nothing major, just used Neutrogena's copper line (don't remember the exact name). I amped up my skincare routine in my late 20's.
In your twenties but some oils do the job! Cream is made with water etc etc its kind of a long story and I don't want to talk bad about it but pure oils are 100% product and not half products half water or worse. Try Argan oil, Prickly seed for undereye, Rosehip or Marula oil. I use an eyecream its organic from Soveral and I use my retinoids 2-3 times a week
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